Our IPv6 Evaluation, Integration Services & Project Management

The challenge of IPv6 to your current IPv4 network is unquestionably complicated, careful planning of your IPv6 integration will be critical to your success. To help you meet your goals for network integration, My6 offers comprehensive service offering, in which our engineers can work with your team or partner to plan, design, implement, and optimise your IPv6 network.

My6 can first evaluate the implications of IPv6 to your environment, including product compliance, address provisioning and management, routing policies, security, and infrastructure design. This evaluation also identifies opportunities that can take advantage of IPv6 features and functionality, as well as areas of risk to be considered during your IPv6 implementation.

We can also evaluate your architecture requirements from business, technical, and implementation perspectives. Our services include requirements analysis, site survey and logical network design, physical network design, documentation, and creation of an acceptance test plan. My6 can provide smooth integration activities through written procedures and side-by-side coaching.

IPv6 Readiness Assessment

Delivered by network experts with extensive field experience, the IPv6 Readiness Assessment provides a complete view of the state of your network’s IPv6 readiness. This is done by conducting a thorough evaluation of your network hardware devices and applications. My6 experts will document and identify areas of concern that will help you understand the gaps that could affect a successful migration.

We can assist in the design, integration, and coordinated deployment of your IPv6 network and deliver a plan that can help you transition to an IPv6 network, identify and define the transition approach, and recommend transition mechanisms to ease your implementation.

Network Infrastructure Design

This is a hands-on approach intended to establish a partnership between your networking staff and My6 engineers. Your technical requirements and design goals are integrated into your IPv6 network design, and My6 takes responsibility for creating your low level design (LLD) using leading practices and lessons learned.

Our team begins by reviewing and evaluating your IPv6 network documentation and any existing IPv6 network infrastructure designs. The engineers validate and summarise your IPv6 design requirements and develop an IPv6 LLD that supports those requirements. Throughout the development process, My6 engineers also mentor your networking staff as needed. In this way, the Network Infrastructure Design Development service can minimise the possibility of costly and time-consuming redesign work even as it enhances the skills and knowledge base of your staff.

Infrastructure Implementation

Network Infrastructure Implementation Engineering can last from 1 to 12 months, depending on your needs and the complexity of your project. Through this service, My6 engineers take responsibility for producing an IPv6 network infrastructure staging, implementation, and ready-for-use plans using leading practices, and lessons learned. They also work closely with your staff to help ensure that the sites are ready and technical details are properly specified and implemented before deployment. These efforts not only reduce the possibility of errors or delays during the IPv6 deployment process ,but also offer numerous knowledge transfer opportunities that can improve the proficiency of your staff and encourage a more proactive—and ultimately, more beneficial—approach to network design, implementation, and optimisation.

My6 understands that your need for technical assistance and expert guidance does not end simply because the site surveys have been performed and the implementation plans have been readied for completion. For this reason, the Network Infrastructure Implementation Engineering service includes cutover support.

My6 engineers facilitate the smooth completion of your IPv6 implementation project by providing consultative, onsite support during the integration of your new IPv6 infrastructure with your live network. They also team with your engineers for post implementation verification and testing to resolve any problems that arise and help ensure that the fully integrated network delivers expected features, functions, capacity, and reliability.

Our Expert Services

IPv6 Architecture Development and Roadmap

Our extensive offerings includes:

  • Develop an IPv6 high level Architecture blueprint on basis of all technical and business requirements and understanding about current state of infrastructure.
  • Develop an IPv6 Architecture detailed blueprint contains information on how the IPv6 network architecture will be deployed.
  • The details blueprint shall includes all details like Network Logical and Physical Topology, IPv6 Addressing scheme, Switching and routing, IPv6 security infrastructure features, Software protocols and features configuration etc.
  • Develop an Detailed IPv6 Implementation / Adoption Roadmap and Project Plan
  • Develop an Detailed IPv6 Adoption Governance / Transition Management
  • Develop a Procurement plan and Budget Planning for network infrastructure equipment, systems and 3rd party applications.
  • List all adoption challenges
  • Create documentation templates and comprehensive documentation roadmap
  • Identify of applications and services for migration
  • Include security Planning and considerations
  • Documenting all the activities carried out in standardised formats

Creating Standards & Specifications

Development of common IPv6 specifications for the country, which will be followed by all stakeholders.

Monitoring Activities

The monitoring activities of this project demonstrate the pace of implementation within public bodies and the scientific community. For this purpose you can find analyses regarding the IPv6-availability in regard to the central web-presence of universities and government agencies. The fore-mentioned information will be supplemented with data regarding the availability of IPv6-connectivity for email and IPv6-capabilities of the respective DNS-server for each domain.

Access the IPv6 monitoring tool at http://6test.org