Our Clients

My6 clients could be classified into 3 large segments namely government agencies, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and enterprises. However, we are always looking forward to provide our services to any type of organizations that have legalized interest in leveraging the benefits of IPv6.



State Governments

Public Sector Agencies

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Small, Medium & Large Enterprises


Government Sector

Government agencies are leading forces for Internet growth; one good example would be the fact that they play an important role behind the deployment of IPv6. Governments move to push for a sustainable Internet progress in a country influences or sometimes forces the private sector to follow suit.

It is crucial for any government agency that the services provided can be accessed by anyone from basically anywhere. So it is time where most government agencies move towards replacing paper based practices to online forms and services, and, for example, filing taxes via a website will becomes a standard mean. To ensure this becomes reality, it is important that government web services are well suited with IPv6 to contain those members of the public who will have accepted the new Internet addressing protocol.

In the case the government organizations is not able to get their services reachable via IPv6 then many members of the public may be incapable to access fundamental public services due to certain scenarios whereby their computer is not able to connect with the government’s IPv4-only network.

Ministry Of Information Communications & Culture (MICC), the body in charge of communication in Malaysia realized the potential downfall in the case Malaysia doesn’t adapt IPv6 with the fast forth coming exhaustion of IPv4 addresses; therefore in 2010 KPKK had set a target by end of 2015 for enabling the IPv6 to Public Sectors.

My6 has established good reputation and obtain recognition from leading agencies such as KPKK and the Malaysian Administrative Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (MAMPU) as well as the Malaysian Communications And Multimedia Commission (MCMC) for their aptitude to boost an agency’s IPv6 acquaintances and understanding as well as the deployment of IPv6 in production or live environment.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs)

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) also plays an important role in the Malaysia’s IPv6 adoption drive. This is due to the fact that the question whether their choice of ISP could provide IPv6 service is one of the main issues that end user organisations mainly consider in the process of deciding on whether they should also move towards IPv6 deployment in their own environment.

IPv6 deployment is even more essential for an ISP as it is representing an image as a market leader compared to other in the industry. As IPv6 deployment and adaptation grows, ISPs who have not invested in adopting IPv6 in their networks will find themselves to be left behind. Thus this could cause them to lose existing customers who wish to proceed with IPv6 deployment to others IPv6 ready ISP.


My6 provides the indispensable combinations of both; technical expertise and business understanding sought by ISPs who need to get the most out from their IPv6 implementation and integration capital costs. My6 aim remains focused on their clients’ requirements who are the ISPs, therefore they modify their strategy and provide value of money consultation services to suit each ISP’s exclusive business needs.

My6 keeps the objective of positioning IPv6 to the advantage of their customer as a top priority. Therefore they pull all of their resources in terms of technical and experience to understand and aid their client to deploy and integrate IPv6 in their environment in a profitable manner.



A growing number of private entities in Malaysia have embraced the unavoidable of IPv6 adoption. My6 being headquartered in Malaysia provides a great advantage of speedy support and access for businesses located geographically in Malaysia. My6 clients that consist of private enterprises take full advantage of their educational, technology consultation, technology integration, and strategy services.


My6 clients abroad as well as back here in Malaysia, appreciates My6 capability to maintain the IPv4 operational infrastructure during the network transition to IPv6. In My6, they truly understand that most successful organizations/enterprises cannot afford to miss any operational beat, and My6 dedicates itself to preserve performance while committing to a painless, cost-effective integration.