Awareness, Training & Certification Programs

My6 training programs are planned and developed to fulfil vast diversified customer background as well as requirements. We plan and customise the training based on our clients’ requirements, technical knowledge and understanding.

My6 offers 3 major training packages that our customer can choose based on their preference. In the case the client's requirement doesn’t suit to any of the predefined programs then My6 will tailor make the training to suit the client’s requirement. The training could be held in My6 arranged premises or in client's premises based on the customer's requirements and requests.

Our Training Packages


Seminars are basically talks which could last one day or half-day based on customer requirement. Seminars are basically ice breakers to introduce IPv6 to the interested customers’ organisation members. This training is only theoretical and touches the basic elements of IPv6 and the advantages that the organisations could leverage on. This type of training suits as knowledge sharing session for all level of the organisation member which directly or indirectly impacted by the shift of the company toward IPv6 enabled network as it is not highly technical nor too much in depth in nature.

Executive Training

Executive training is targeted towards non-highly technical but top managerial team. Top managerial team should have knowledge on IPv6 as well as they make most of the top decisions such as financial investments on network expansions; therefore having this information would enable them to move in the right direction that is advantageous for the future of the organisations.

Instructor Led Training (ILT)

This type of training is suitable for network engineers, network administrators, security personnel, application developers, and IT support staff that are directly or indirectly involved in IPv6 design, integration, deployment as well as usage ILT is highly technical training which requires the audience to have basic technical and network knowledge. The training is not only inclusive of theoretical information but also hands-on coaching.

Our Certification Courses

My6 Certified IPv6 Professional

This course touches on the general IPv6 concepts and IPv6 transition mechanisms. They are suitable for the general IT professionals who wish to have more understanding on IPv6.

To help network designers and engineers gain basic understanding and hands-on practice on the IPv6 protocol in order to be able to implement, configure, transition and maintain IPv6 networks.

Course Pre-Requisites
A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv4 is reviewed as it is compared and contrasted with IPv6, but experience on IPv6 is not critical. Knowledge on the level of Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) would be an added advantage.

My6 Certified IPv6 Implementer

This is an advanced IPv6 module that touches on more topics such as Advanced IPv6 Routing, Services, etc, and are suitable for engineers who needs to implement actual IPv6 migrations.

Implementing new networking software and devices to support IPv6. Implementing auto-configuration to manage IPv6 addresses. Configure different IPv6 migration tools such as tunnelling in order to facilitate the transition

Course Pre-Requisites
A good knowledge of general networking concepts is assumed. IPv6 Forum Certified Engineer (Silver) is required.

My6 Certified IPv6 Security Profesional

This course will explore the realities of IPv6 security and discuss in details some of the new risks associated with IPv6 and how to mitigate them. There will also be a lab component where we will use both hacking and defensive tools to analyse the vulnerabilities of IPv6 networks.

This course is targeted at IT Security Architects, infrastructure architects, design and operations engineers, professional services engineers, application developers and security compliance and governance professionals who want to get an in-depth understanding of IPv6 security.

Course Pre-Requisites
As this is a higher level course, it is highly recommended that the students have gone through the My6 Certified IPv6 Professional (MCIP) course and have good security fundamentals before attending this course.