IPv6 Network Infrastructure Implementation

Experience a smooth transition to the IPv6 network with our ready-for-use network plans, on-site support and training.

The My6 Advantage:

  • My6’ network experts have extensive field experience and exposure to various IPv6 scenarios.
  • Our ready-for-use plans developed using vendor templates and best practices ensure speedy IPv6 deployment.
  • Our network consultants work closely with your network engineers to ensure that the sites are ready and technical details are accurately specified and implemented before deployment. This reduces errors and delays and offers knowledge transfer opportunities to your network team.
  • Our service also includes post-migration support for a mutually agreed stabilisation period.

Our Service Offerings:

Our implementation approach is as follows:

  • Develop a test lab that includes the following:
    • Physical and logical topology (protocols) simulation
    • Configurations
    • Testing scripts
    • Acceptance criteria
  • Develop a network implementation plan that includes the following:
    • Site-specific installation tasks and checklists
    • Documentation of node-specific and site-specific information
    • Guidelines for implementation engineers
    • Installation and site commissioning tests
  • Develop a network ready-for-use plan for roll-out, testing, documenting results and resolving implementation problems
  • Roll-out the IPv6 network, while providing on-site and remote support
  • Provide post-implementation verification, testing, and support


  • Speedy IPv6 implementation
  • Reduced possibility of errors during implementation
  • Reduced adoption time facilitated by knowledge exchange and use of leading practices on IPv6 network design principles.
  • Smoother IPv6 transition with the help of documented, proven procedures and hands-on training