About Us

My6 is a leading provider of IPv6-oriented solutions, integration consulting, and educational services for some of the largest organizations in IT and government in the ASEAN region. We provides vital integrated services, sophisticated consulting services, and IPv6 training courses intended to speed up IPv6 adoption process and present our client with a distinct competitive advantage.


The company was initiated in early 2010 by a team comprised of IPv6-minded individuals. The idea towards the establishment was born as they realized the future market requirement towards the robust IPv6 training programs. My6 then developed a series of in-depth training courses and consulting services for future adopters of IPv6 by leveraging on our previous significant and unique experience in handling IPv6 integration as well as consultation and education. My6, which is headquartered in Malaysia, provides a wide range of IPv6 Solutions for organisations who are interested in leveraging IPv6 or even preparing them towards leveraging IPv6. My6 services covers both domestic and international customers.

Our Commitment

My6 is committed to accelerate IPv6 adoption within the government as well as the private sector since our establishment in 2010. Due to this vision and dedication My6 has evolve to be a leading IPv6 adaptation consultancy, technology integrator as well as IPv6 Training provider in the market. We provide services not only to government agencies but also privately entities both locally and internationally. My6 services and training are tailor made to the needs and budgets of our client’s based on the intensive requirement study conducted on the client requirements. My6 is dedicated to ensure that our client smoothly transit and adept IPv6 technology without much hassle. Till date all our customers have been smiling as they obtain value for their money.