Our Management Team

Adil Hidayat
The Founder, Director

For the past 11 years, Adil has been actively involved in the adoption of IPv6 & IoT around the world. He planned and realised a multitude of network configuration systems for telecommunication provider, government networks, banking and education sectors as well as SMEs. Adil is also active in the IPv6 human resource development where he has helped develop and deliver IPv6 training to thousands of IT professionals around the globe.

Mohamad Zamir
Business Solutions Consultant

Zamir joined My6 as the Business Solutions consultant. In his role, he is responsible for opportunity management, client engagement and continual process improvement, as well as overseeing the business in house operations.

Mashitah Ismail

Head Administrative Officer

Our Expert Team

Benjamin Yeoh
IPv6 Subject Matter Expert

Benjamin have wast experience in IPv6 implementation projects (assessment, design, deployment, and verification) for various public and private sectors. He has also conducted IPv6 related trainings for public and private sector in addition to providing IPv6 consultancy services for the public and private sector.

Nur Shazni Ibrahim
Implementation Specialist

Shazni is responsible for IPv6 implementation & consultancy. Over the years, she has been actively involved in IPv6 implementation projects.

Wan Madihah
Implementation Specialist

Madihah is responsible for IPv6 implementation project focusing primarily on the public sector.

Vicknesh Suppramaniam
Senior Solution Architect

Vicknesh has been actively involved in the organisation penetration testing as well as forensics, software development, application security audit and network design and deployment for the past 13 years. Currently, Vicknesh is consulting for the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in the expansion and utilisation the Digital Object Architecture (DOA). He is actively developing solutions to combat counterfeit products & IoT by applying DOA & blockchain together.

Dr. Lim Chen Kim
Visual Informatics, IPv6 & IoT Specialist

Dr. Kim has wast experiences in information, knowledge engineering, visual informatics & IoT. She is leading My6's IoT initiatives, which span several industries including automotive, agriculture, manufacturing, fleet management, asset tracking, healthcare, energy and consumer electronics.

Andrew Tan
IoT Specialist

Andrew is responsible for My6's IPv6 training, certification programs & IoT initiatives.

Ong Hean Loong
IPv6 & System Development Specialist

Hean Loong started with IPv6 and Wireless network implementation & training activities. Later on, his experiences included developing embedded systems for professional digital radios. His latest endeavor include developing firmware for DNS DDoS mitigation and also virtual DNS threat protection services.

Our deployment team comprises of a group of highly trained and experienced professionals dedicated to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction and quality assurance in IPv6 deployment.